Jason Wong, Partner at Wonghaus and serial ecommerce founder.

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After starting eight e-commerce brands and advising dozens more 7 figure+ e-commerce businesses, Jason is still using ClearAngel to power his businesses by leveraging the eCommerce data insights as well as accessing a network of trusted and vetted talent.

“The value beyond just funding is unparalleled. If I was building another e-commerce brand, I would do it with ClearAngel. The data and advice they provide can help first time, or long time founders.”
– Jason Wong, Partner at Wonghaus

CASE STUDY: Active Humans powered by ClearAngel

Seeking out the best way to expand their network, Active Humans began working with ClearAngel. With the advisory of the ClearAngel team and access to additional vendors, Active Humans was able to open another sales channel. Now onboarding another distributor, 34 retail locations and 20 wholesale channels, Active Human was able to 9x their revenue.

Retailed Channels:

Expanded to 34 retail locations.


900% in less than 6 months

What's Next?

After establishing multiple selling platforms, Active Humans focus in 2021 will be rolling out new products that fit into their active community. Excited about the quick progress they were able to make with ClearAngel, their goal is to continue to expand their retail reach and have Active Humans enter bigger box retailers.

I think the best part is the guidance. ClearAngel has not only helped us get into new sales channels but advised us along the journey, which can be a very lonely journey for entrepreneurs! It's been vital for our success.

David & Paige - Co-Founders of Active Humans


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